We finally turned 1-year old!

Most importantly, we got cake!

Opera Coast has seen a lot since the early days. It all started with an idea by Huib Kleinhout, who was not satisfied with how the browsers looked on his iPad.

So he and some other developers locked themselves in a room for a month, and came out with Opera Coast. Huib went on to call it “The browser that should have come with the iPad”.


From then on we saw winter.


We saw summer.


We saw conflicts.


We saw awards.


We saw Opera Coast for iPhone.


And now, we see cake.


We hope that you still enjoy our browser, and we would like to thank you for sticking with us. 

By the way, here’s the music we listened to while making Opera Coast:

Download Opera Coast

The infamous number 13 and other updates

Today, we released an update for Opera Coast. Originally, it was supposed to be version 3.13, but we skipped that and went straight 3.14.


The reason for this was to avoid the infamous number 13. Oh! Also, Donald Duck’s license plate is 313 and we don’t want to get in any trouble. But, mainly we just want to avoid bad luck.


As you can see, we were able to fix some bugs, and improved landscape orientation and security warnings.

We have yet to experience any bad luck, but we think there is someone out there trying to force it on us. Black cats keep crossing our path. Horseshoes hang upside down in the buildings across the street. And there are tons of umbrellas opened up indoors.


We’ll do our best to avoid these traps, and keep bringing you the best browser for iPhone and iPad.

We would also like to point out that 3.14 is the number for Pi. So, go now. Have a slice and relax with Opera Coast π.


Download the best app here

Hello, #TedandGreg again,

You know what we stand for - Small Improvements. From the world’s greatest high five, to hitting the legendary 11,397 follower mark, we have been through a whirlwind of emotion. But do you know how we got there?

Today we are going to tell you the story of how we got together and put out a seemingly small update that has made all the difference.


Save this picture on your computer machine thing or mobile cellular call phone and cherish it forever.

Oh, and also the app is available here: http://opr.as/coast

Join the evolution.


Ted and Greg

AirDrop sharing with Opera Coast

Hello, we´re still Ted and Greg,

In an effort to not be fired by our boss, Huib, we´re going to show you how to use one of the new feature from our small updateAirDrop

First off, download Opera Coast, we can wait…yeah there it is, good, let´s start.

Step 1:  Find a page you think is worth sharing. Hold down your finger (or thumb) anywhere on the page for about 3 seconds and you will get this result:


Step 2: Push the arrow in the top right corner and five icons will show up:


Step 3: Push the swirly AirDrop icon and you´ll see who you can share your page to:


Step 4: Accept the AirDrop.


So there you have it. 

If the explanation above didn’t help you understand AirDrop, then we made a GIF that probably will:



Ted and Greg

Opera Coast 3.10

Hello, we’re the Opera Coast interns.


With the Opera Coast Team away for a couple weeks, we’ve decided to take matters into our own hands.

Our first order of business was to release a minor, but important, update: Opera Coast 3.10. Our philosophy when it comes to product development is that change is made by small improvements. We say: Let’s bring an evolution to the table, not a revolution.

This is why we’ve decided to release an update so small you probably won´t even notice it. Here are some of the new features we’ve been working on, which are available in Opera Coast 3.10.


A wise man once said, “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” 

Ted and Greg wish to see small improvements. 

While Opera Coast is already an amazing product, we believe by making small improvements Opera Coast will one day reach Optimal Product Marketing Synergy Between Products. Many of you may know this by its extremely popular street name: OPMSBP. Few companies ever reach OPMSBP but we believe we can.

Join the evolution.


Download Opera Coast 3.10 

Going on vacation; meet the interns

Hi all,

We’re going on our summer break. It’s been amazing creating Opera Coast and getting it off the ground this year. Thanks for all your support and feedback!


Things won’t be quiet around here. Our two interns, Ted and Greg, will answer any questions you have for the next couple of weeks. They’ve been working very hard the past month, and have brought up some pretty interesting ideas.

We asked them to write something about themselves, but they both just gave terrible quotes.

Ted- “By changing nothing, nothing changes”-Tony Robbins

Greg- “Islands are natural workshops of evolution.”-Richard Dawkins

Here’s a picture of them in the now empty office




The Opera Coast Team

We crushed some bugs

Opera Coast gets updated to 3.02 today.

This is mainly a stability update with some small bug fixes that were found as the winter darkness in Norway passed.

And thanks to Łukasz Pilorz from runic.pl for finding and responsibly reporting an issue with Opera Coast. In some cases a malicious actor would be able to replace parts of a secure site, without Opera Coast warning the user. This issue has now been fixed.

Download Opera Coast 3.02

We’re sorry

This tour bus driver let the band wait for hours. He lost track of time and his responsibility. It’s all Opera Coast’s fault.

We heard it’s happening everywhere. Sorry about that.

Opera Coast: It’s a browser, but a damned cool one.

Throw away your expectations. Browsers have been the same for 20 years and their conventions get in the way. You’ll enjoy Opera Coast so much that you’ll start wondering why you haven’t had a browser like this before.

Make browsing exciting. Everyone loves the iPhone and iPad for its graphics and quick animations. Your browser should feel the same way.image

Stay up-to-date with the sites you love or stumble all the way out to the edge of the net. Search the web, and, while you type, we’ll suggest some sites for you.image

And here’s a sweet addition:
If you already have Opera Coast on your iPad, your home-screen tiles will be synced in your iPhone. You can do this by using the automatic iCloud sync of site tiles in Opera Coast.

Look, it’s a browser – but a damned cool one.