We’re rolling out new features for Coast today

Three months ago we launched Coast, and since then we’ve been busy working for this new release. We’ve added new features and we think you’ll enjoy them:

Make Coast’s home screen your own
We know you want to see more than the New York skyline, so we made an option where you can change the background by long-pressing the home screen to see a selection of pictures we’ve pre-installed, or by clicking the plus button to add one of your own images.

Music visualization
When you have sites like SoundCloud as one of your home-screen tiles, you see the graphic waveform when you’re playing songs. We know you’ll really love the visuals we’ve added on Coast. We listen to our favourite sets of songs, too, while browsing and working on other stuff. This works on Coast, as well. As long as you’ve clicked that play button, it will continue to play even while you’re opening other sites, or even when Coast is just loaded in the background and you’re working on other stuff on your iPad.image

iBooks and PDF reader integration
This is one of the most-requested features. We know how much reading you do on your iPad. Now, you can directly open PDF files from the web in iBooks or other PDF readers.image

And here are some more stuff we’ve added in this update:
- Swiping back to the previous page is now much faster.
- Better tile detection for each site. When you click on the homes screen, it will minimize to the right site.
- Coast’s security engine now uses the new iOS 7 JavaScriptCore.
Team changelog:
Rik still hasn’t cut his hair.
- Huib has been busy travelling and has become very fashionable.
Alex scored two goals against a team in the last company soccer league match.